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Amsterdam Law Hub

In the Amsterdam Law Hub, students and staff collaborate with social partners

Free Legal Advice Centre

The Free Legal Advice Centre is a collaborative partnership between five separate legal advice centres. It creates access to the legal process by providing legal advice with the goal of training law students while providing a service to the community.

Social partners

In the Amsterdam Law Hub, students and staff collaborate with social partners in the Public Interest Litigation Project, Pro Bono Connect, Bureau Clara Wichmann, Lawyers for Lawyers and Arbeidsmarktresearch.

Clarity Now winner Justice Challenge

Clarity Now wants to build a tool for asylum seekers to record their first interview at the immigration office. Student Emma Morgan, who has also tied scholar dr. Nienke Doornbos to her start-up, won 2500 euros via the IXA Valorisation Funds. She will also receive mentoring and a work space at the Law Hub to build up her venture. Two other teams can also start theire: Finc. for Migrants and Adab Finance.
Amsterdam Law Practice
Experiential education at the Amsterdam Law Practice allows you to step into the shoes of a legal practitioner. You will sharpen your skills and knowledge and possibly discover who you want to be as a lawyer.
Funding for Start-up Incubator
The IXA Valorisation Fund has made 75 thousand euros available to the Amsterdam Law School for a Start-up Incubator in the new Law Hub. Part of this budget will be used to hold a Justice Challenge.

‘A unique opportunity to gain practical experience’

Veronic Sijstermans: “The Free Legal Advice Centre is an initiative of the Amsterdam Law School. As a law faculty positioned at the centre of society, we provide students with a unique opportunity to gain practical experience by helping real clients with real legal issues.”

‘The Law Hub is part and parcel of the Amsterdam Law Practice’

Anniek de Ruijter: “The Law Hub is part and parcel of the curriculum of the Amsterdam Law Practice, the experiential education component of the law faculty curriculum. We aim to prepare our students for responsible positions as lawyers of the future”.

‘I am a social entrepreneur’

Nathalie Dijkman: “I am a social entrepreneur with a background in human rights, criminology, development cooperation and entrepreneurship. I am the directing founder of SEMA, a social enterprise that provides citizens in East Africa with a platform for the evaluation of local government services.”