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News of the Amsterdam Law Hub

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Results: 1 - 20 of 40
  • This PhD student won with his pitch on Artificial Intelligence to cure cancer
    16 Sep 2021
    Last week, 12 PhD candidates competed in UvA's first 3MT® pitch competition ever and were challenged to convey their PhD research to a lay audience through a three-minute video.
  • Why we are investigating the problem of an overflowing 'shopping bag of legal issues’
    14 Sep 2021
    There are many vulnerable groups in our society who ask for (legal) assistance and carry a literal and figurative 'shopping bag of judicial papers' with them every day. This shopping bag symbolises the complexity of ...
  • Amsterdam's first women's legal advice centre is a fact
    8 Sep 2021
    Wednesday 8 September was the official opening of the first women's legal advice centre of Amsterdam. Women are immediately invited to visit the store for free legal advice.
  • Interested in watching UvA's best PhD pitches? Join here!
    6 Sep 2021
    Whether you’re networking, interviewing for a job, or just having a conversation with a friend, it is essential to have an ‘elevator pitch’ to describe your dissertation work. Tomorrow, 7 September 2021, 12 PhD ...
  • 'African and Proud' by Nathalie Dijkman
    Our latest expo African and Proud shows the underexposed side of Uganda
    2 Aug 2021
    At the Amsterdam Law Hub we believe in the power of art and culture, so from now on you can also visit us for exhibitions within our theme: justice. Director of the Law Hub, Nathalie Dijkman, kicks off with her ...
  • Want to become a Justice Entrepreneur? Sign up now!
    8 Jul 2021
    Do you agree that legal procedures could be clearer, simpler, but above all fairer? Do you think that judicial solutions should be examined for a better society? And would you like to stimulate that change yourself?
  • These FdR researchers represent us in UvA's first pitch competition ever
    7 Jul 2021
    We are proud to present our three PhDs who will be shining in the finals.
  • For women by women
    1 Jul 2021
    Together with Bureau Clara Wichmann and the City of Amsterdam, we are opening the first Women's Legal Advice Centre in Amsterdam to promote equal access to the law for all women.
  • Artist Saša Ostoja creates special artwork for the Law Hub
    14 Jun 2021
    Due to the corona measures, it has been quiet in the Law Hub lately. Therefore we seized this period to upgrade our location. We have joined forces with the Amsterdam artist Saša Ostoja, who allows you with his ...
  • For those who weren’t there: the highlights of our Legal Start-up Event
    7 Jun 2021
    Last Thursday we organized our first Legal Start-up Event in which we entirely focussed on our justice entrepreneurs and innovation within the legal tech sector. We look back on a successful day together with ...
  • Head of a man
    Legal techies of today and tomorrow
    29 Apr 2021
    Mark Thursday the 3rd of June in your calendar to join our legal start-up event together with StartupAmsterdam!
  • Your chance to compete with PhDs from other UvA Faculties
    13 Apr 2021
    UvA presents its very first UvA-wide Pitch Competition for researchers, which was initiated by the Amsterdam Law Hub!
  • To new perspectives for a fairer justice system
    25 Mar 2021
    Monday the 29th of March is the kick-off of our very first Master's course, Justice Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Law of the UvA!
  • Pitch perfect: A workshop to help FdR researchers perfect their grant pitches
    16 Feb 2021
    If you ever applied for any research grant, you know how important it is to be short and concise. For this reason, the Law Hub is hosting the online workshop 'Pitch Perfect' on Friday the 19th of March in which you ...
  • Funding available for legal or justice innovations
    11 Feb 2021
    Do you also believe that technology can be the solution to justice or legal problems or do you have any specific ideas on this topic yourself? Read on, perhaps we are able to help!
  • Schrijven
    Our plans for 2021
    7 Jan 2021
    Since we had to skip all of our social events in 2020 it has been a tough year for all of us. Although, we did accomplish many positive things in the Amsterdam Law Hub, as we developed a new strategy for the Law ...
  • Toetsenbord
    How can you support detainees during COVID? By learning from JSG!
    23 Dec 2020
    COVID-19 can affect anyone, often resulting in difficult choices for the (Dutch) population, government and organizations. Unsurprisingly, this also applies to prisoners. After all, how can prison life continue as ...
  • Educators Network Meeting: Impact Learning
    16 Dec 2020
    How to build partnerships with societal partners to enhance learning? How to develop long-term collaborative projects with external partners for student cohorts across the years?
  • Icoon workshop
    Online workshop: Explaining your thesis to the layman
    9 Dec 2020
    After years of focusing on your research, you’ve finally arrived at the last phase, which means you’re able to share all your hard work with the outside world. But how can you actually distil complex research into ...
  • Join our Justice Entrepreneurship info session!
    7 Dec 2020
    Have you ever thought that a legal process could be clearer, easier or fairer? Do you think justice solutions need to be reworked for a modern society? Do you want to drive that change yourself? Then take part in our ...