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At Klimaatmuseum, the urgency of climate change is translated into art, including an exhibition by the Amsterdam Law Hub in collaboration with researcher Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh. Now on display at VOX-POP.

The pop-up brings together artists, researchers, and students from various faculties to make the problems and solutions surrounding the climate crisis tangible. This also demonstrates the great value of an interdisciplinary approach within the UvA. For example, Leen Van Laere (master’s student in Heritage and Memory Studies) created a detailed map of Suriname showing how Dutch colonial activities exploited and depleted the natural landscape, with effects that are still noticeable today. Other exhibitions highlighted trade, devastated landscapes, and the unequal distribution of the impacts of climate change.

Art on Human Rights Violations

The Amsterdam Law Hub believes in the power of art to better understand the law. We are proud to be part of this exhibition, which originated from an idea during the celebration of our fifth anniversary when we invited our community to contribute ideas. Based on the scientific research of Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh (Associate Professor of Sustainability Law, UvA), we developed an installation with Klimaatmuseum focused on Vanuatu. The island is severely affected by climate change, resulting in cyclones and crop failures, which have a tremendous impact on the population. A group of islanders rose up and successfully led a coalition of 132 countries. The aim: to obtain an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the global legal obligations regarding climate action.

With this exhibition, we zoom in on the disappearance of an important crop in Vanuatu, the "yam", which has spiritually connected the population for centuries. We invite visitors to empathize with what this means by reflecting on the loss of something very dear to them.

Visit the Exhibition

While the magnitude of the climate crisis can feel immense and discouraging, Klimaatmuseum offers hope and agency. Hopefully, this will lead to connection, so we can take action together to combat climate change.

A visit to the museum at VOX-POP is free from Monday to Friday and runs until September 13, 2024.