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Summed up: our most notable successes of the past five years and a glimpse into future initiatives.

How we bridge to justice

Thursday, February 29, 2024, marked our fifth anniversary. What have we achieved in the past years in our pursuit of a more just society? Our director, Nathalie Dijkman, outlined it during our gathering. For those who couldn't attend, the key milestones can be found in this document:

The anniversary was not only a reflection on past successes but also provided a glimpse into future initiatives. Professors André Nollkaemper and Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh shed light on our climate justice theme. Nollkaemper emphasized this issue at the local level and the role of Amsterdam Law Hub in addressing it, while Wewerinke-Singh specifically addressed human rights issues in the global south, with a focus on Vanuatu.

Art to make human rights violations understandable

Vanuatu, a small island group in the Pacific, recently took a significant step in the fight for climate justice. The impact of climate change on crops, such as the 'yam,' has profound consequences for the local population, disrupting ancient rituals and cultural practices. During the anniversary, there was a notable collaboration with Klimaatmuseum, a pop-up museum addressing the current climate crisis. Participants were challenged to devise creative solutions during a workshop to highlight the story of the 'yam.'

As we are known for our innovative approaches, this provided a unique insight into our working methods. Laura van Rutten (Founder of Klimaatmuseum), Dennis van Galen (Director of CREA), and Maheen Khan (International Climate Resilience Advisor at WWF) formed the professional jury that evaluated the ideas. The two best ideas will be realized in collaboration with Klimaatmuseum and indigenous peoples of Vanuatu, transformed into artworks to be admired starting from May 16, 2024, at Voxpop. More information will follow soon!