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After years of focusing on your research, you’ve finally arrived at the last phase, which means you’re able to share all your hard work with the outside world. But how can you actually distil complex research into simple, accessible terms which will appeal to a non-specialist audience? Importantly, learning to communicate your thesis clearly helps you grow support, and broadens the impact of your work. As such, it’s an essential skill. For this reason, the Law Hub will be hosting an online workshop on “communicating your thesis to the layman” this Friday December 18 from 10:00-11:30 - in which you can participate!

Amsterdam Law Hub Director Nathalie Dijkman en Matchmaker Frances Singleton will manage the online workshop, which was developed in consultation with IXA. These experts will teach you three different styles of storytelling leading towards the creation of a three minute pitch - one of the most effective tools in any researcher’s deck. 

Win: your pitch as a video!

Do you want your research to be accessible to the wider public? Are you a fan of videos like TEDx? Transforming your pitch into a professional video makes it shareable and appealing for a wider audience. After the workshop we will be selecting the best pitches to be turned into a professional video. This will be yours to use in subsidy applications, to share with future employers, or even to hand over to your friends when they want to understand what you do for a living!

How to register

To apply for the workshop, send an email before Wednesday 16 December 5 PM stating your name and description of your research in 2-3 sentences to Nathalie Dijkman:


For further questions regarding this online workshop, please do not hesitate to contact Nathalie Dijkman directly.