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The 'Nederlandse Vereniging van Rechtswinkels' (NVR) is a national initiative from the Law Hub, with 45 legal aid clinics now affiliated. Before its establishment, there was little collaboration, but thanks to the NVR, legal aid clinics are now united and knowledge and experience are exchanged at a national level, significantly improving the quality of legal assistance.

Each year, over 110 legal aid clinics in the Netherlands help an estimated 35,000 vulnerable citizens with free legal assistance. It is clear that legal aid centers play an important role in society. Equally important is having a central place where they can unite.

What we have achieved so far

Since the establishment of the NVR in 2023, supporting legal aid clinics in the Netherlands, Aruba, and Curaçao, much has already been achieved. More than twelve practical and theoretical training sessions have been organized, ranging from communication skills to tenancy law and debt issues, and a training program for legal aid centers has been developed, resulting in better-trained volunteers. Additionally, members have free access to the knowledge platform of the Academy for Legal Practice, which contributes to the professionalization of legal aid clinics. National collaborations have also been established with, among others, the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand and Nationale Ombudsman, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of legal assistance. Furthermore, structural data is being collected about legal aid centers to improve services and the sector in general. Moreover, the NVR participates in multiple national consultations aimed at improving (primary) legal assistance and access to justice for people in vulnerable positions.

The NVR contributes to a nore just society

The social impact of these efforts is enormous. By professionalizing legal aid centers and sharing knowledge, more people gain access to quality legal assistance, contributing to a more just society. The NVR continues to work on advocating for the interests of its members. How? By establishing a knowledge platform where legal aid centers can share experiences and best practices, setting up case management systems to provide better advice, and forming more national and regional collaborations. Additionally, the NVR organizes peer review sessions and site visits for members, participates in working groups organized by partners such as the Ministry of Justice and Security and Divosa, and establishes a national quality guideline for legal aid centers.

With these initiatives, the NVR ensures that vulnerable citizens in the Netherlands, Aruba, and Curaçao have better access to legal assistance. This contributes to an inclusive and just society.