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In the realm of legal innovation, No Impunity emerges as a trailblazer, committed to reshaping the landscape of strategic litigation funding. Founded with a clear mission, the organization seeks to streamline the financing of strategic and climate litigation, addressing corporate human rights violations and global environmental damage.

No Impunity is part of our Incubator programme. At the core of its endeavors is a dual-focused approach. Firstly, the organization facilitates funding for strategic and climate litigation, collaborating with both retail and institutional impact investors and donors. Currently engaged in fundraising for a parent company liability claim in Brazil and a derivative action against a development finance institution, No Impunity has set up another fundraising campaign for a claim in the Democratic Republic of the Congo involving BANRO, a Canadian mining company. This case is currently in its initial stage, with legal teams collecting evidence and preparing filings to hold Twangiza Mining accountable for failing to meet its obligations towards local communities, such as inadequate compensation and lack of environmental rehabilitation measures.

Tech-Driven Solutions for Environmental Justice and Community Empowerment

Secondly, guided by community-driven litigation principles, No Impunity is actively developing a sophisticated tech stack. This innovative technology aims to streamline collective decision-making for groups of claimants in mass environmental tort cases. Additionally, it facilitates grassroots evidence gathering and authentication, empowering communities to actively participate in the legal process. The tech stack also plays a crucial role in responsible data collection, enabling impact reporting on ongoing legal actions.

The impact of No Impunity is far-reaching, as they build a tech-driven infrastructure that fosters the funding of high-impact legal actions. Their commitment to leveraging technology for community empowerment and environmental justice sets them apart in the legal tech landscape.

Earthshot Prize 2024

In a significant stride forward, No Impunity has been nominated for the Earthshot Prize 2024. This prestigious recognition underscores the positive progress made by the organization. By achieving this nomination, No Impunity is not only validating its commitment to legal innovation but also making strides towards raising awareness of its vital mission.

As No Impunity continues to redefine the possibilities within legal tech, this nomination for the Earthshot Prize serves as a beacon of inspiration, signaling a future where technology and justice intersect for a better world.