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Amsterdam's housing crisis not only makes finding a place challenging but also exposes tenants to potential exploitation due to a lack of knowledge. Our startup TenantHero has the solution.

The scramble for housing often leads tenants to overlook or accept unfair and legally dubious terms, such as multiple temporary contracts, a practice prohibited by Dutch law. In this environment, where over 70% of Amsterdam students pay more rent than legally allowed, TenantHero emerges as a beacon of support. This startup was realised through our master's course Justice Entrepreneurship.

TenantHero addresses the vulnerabilities of tenants by providing a comprehensive solution to understand rental agreements and assert their rights confidently. The platform proves invaluable, particularly for non-Dutch speakers, expats, and international students who often navigate the housing market under stress, time constraints, and language barriers.

The startup's approach is both innovative and user-friendly. Users can upload their rental contracts, either before or after signing, for analysis. TenantHero utilizes a cutting-edge AI model complemented by manual reviews to scrutinize the contract intricacies. The result is a concise infographic that distills key information, highlights potential issues, and outlines necessary steps to address invalid clauses. This infographic is then sent to users, offering them a clear understanding of their rental agreement.

The solution for expats and students

The significance of this startup becomes apparent in scenarios where individuals are compelled to make quick decisions about housing without a thorough understanding of the Dutch legal landscape. Expats and international students, often lacking a support system and local contacts, find themselves susceptible to accepting unfavorable terms. TenantHero steps in as the ally they need, demystifying complex rental agreements and ensuring users are fully informed about their commitments.

The service's proactive approach not only rectifies existing issues but also serves as a preventive measure against future complications. By empowering tenants with knowledge, TenantHero contributes to a more equitable and transparent rental landscape, fostering a community that is aware of its rights and can confidently navigate the housing market.

In conclusion, TenantHero isn't just a startup; it's a solution to a pervasive issue affecting countless tenants in Amsterdam. As the housing landscape continues to evolve, it stands as a testament to the power of technology and innovation in addressing real-world challenges. For those seeking to demystify their rental agreements and assert their rights, TenantHero is the hero they've been waiting for – simplifying complexities, rectifying imbalances, and ensuring that tenants can confidently call their rented space a home.

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