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The Amsterdam Law Hub will soon be five years old, which is why we took a close look at our activities and impact recently. We came out on top: creative, entrepreneurial, socially focused, connecting and innovative. Both within the UvA and in the outside world, we are increasingly recognised as a breeding ground for impact and innovation within law. But where exactly does our focus lie?

Over the next three years, we would like to continue to grow and establish ourselves as an organisation who's bridging to justice in the 21st-century: the social innovation breeding ground of the Amsterdam Law School at the UvA. This autumn, therefore, we are embarking on a sharpened strategy. A strategy that focuses on what we have proven to be rock solid at: setting up and testing new initiatives, pilots and technological innovations in the field of justice. In collaboration with external partners, scientists and students. This is how we combine research, education and enterprise.

Access to justice & Climate justice

Through this method, we will focus on mainly two societal themes over the next three years: access to justice and climate justice. This is where we see the greatest societal urgency, but also the strength of our faculty. Access to justice for all is necessary to create an inclusive rule of law. Climate justice makes our world resilient and future-proof. We believe that we can become a catalyst at UvA on these topics with our expertise, networks and innovative strength. 

So we look forward to more encounters, more innovation and more impact. Because we are experts in driving and innovating, we land our set-up projects within a few years in their own legal form or as sustainable projects that are continued by an existing organisation or the UvA itself. In this way, we always continue to innovate, constantly creating space for new collaborations that contribute to more legal solutions in our society. In the near future, for instance, we are working on the establishment of a debt law shop, an impact indicator database for legal academics, an improved insolvency track for SMEs, and a platform for academic research on Feminist Foreign Policy, among others.

Our website will be changed in the coming weeks. In due course, we will make relevant, new links from this article to our themes and current and completed projects, among others. Keep an eye on our website or LinkedIn page for updates!