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Due to the corona measures, it has been quiet in the Law Hub lately. Therefore we seized this period to upgrade our location. We have joined forces with the Amsterdam artist Saša Ostoja, who allows you with his coloured fantasy animals to enter a new universe that you didn't know before. This has resulted in a unique work of art that fits in perfectly with what we stand for. We asked Sasa about the creation of this work, his vision on justice and what an ideal world would look like to him.

Your social commitment is well reflected in your work. How do you convey this message to the viewer - especially through your colourful fantasy animals?
‘With my illustrations, I often try to create awareness in a playful way, without wanting to come across as pedantic or tell people how they should think. If I can take you along with me with a smile and a tear, I am already a satisfied person. If I can also stimulate you in some way, that is a plus.’

Why do you think it is so important to be socially involved?
‘Social involvement is important to me in order to grow as a person. Everyone does that in their own way, but I am lucky I can do this through my drawings. Expressing yourself socially is always exciting to me. For me, that really is a process that I do step by step. You can always avoid certain themes and go for the safe ones; yet I still feel that I am missing something. I try to challenge myself every now and then and that also forces me to reflect and to make work about subjects that touch me.’

"In my opinion, it is a good starting point to be aware of the different social classes within our society."

Zooming in on what we are doing at the Law Hub: how do you view justice in our society?
‘Unfortunately, justice is not for everyone. Not even in the Netherlands. Background and the social environment in which you grow up determine to a large extent how well you can hobble along in society. Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are unlucky. In my opinion, it is a good starting point to be aware of the different social classes within our society. Fortunately, 'Lady Justice' is there to keep an eye on things.’

What would an ideal world look like for you in that regard?
‘My ideal world is one where money does not exist as a means of payment but as a means of exchange. What I think is cool is that everyone develops a speciality/craft and offers their services to each other. How great would it be if you could exchange a chair for a coat - or flour for ground coffee beans?! I think people would then be much more creative and less fixated on making money. At the same time, I don't know if this would work; we are still human beings with certain behaviours. Helping each other out once in a while would be great.’

"For the illustration I tried to connect everything that goes on in the Hub."

About your artwork: what did you think of this project for the Law Hub?
‘I found it a really nice job to do and it was cool that I could provide visual support for this incubator. Making an illustration for a wall has a bigger impact than finding my drawings in a newspaper or magazine. The nice thing about an assignment like this is that I can dive into a new subject and environment and learn from it at the same time.’

Can you tell us a bit more about the artwork you created? 
‘For the illustration I tried to connect everything that goes on in the Hub. The Law Hub is a meeting place for students as well as citizens and civil servants who could talk to each other about all kinds of things. I incorporated these different types, in combination with the innovative character of the Hub.'

Check out Saša's Instagram page for his other amazing works artworks.