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Do you also believe that technology can be the solution to justice or legal problems or do you have any specific ideas on this topic yourself? Read on, perhaps we are able to help!

The Law Hub is launching a new fund to support start-ups or foundations which solve a justice problem. Whether you want to build an app, improve a legal process, or get your legal tech company off the ground, we can help. 

Investment of 2,500 EUR

For many studying or working at UvA, taking time out to work on a start-up or innovation will be a considerable effort and require investment. To help ease this first hurdle, we offer a loan or investment of 2,500 EUR. This money can be used for a variety of things; from testing your marketing strategy, to building a tool, to designing a website. In particular, students who have joined the Justice Entrepreneurship course are invited to apply to the fund. The best ideas are then chosen by an independent board. Importantly, funding also comes with free mentoring through our Market Impact programme.

Awarded start-ups

In the past, the Law Hub has financed a number of promising initiatives! From Adab Finance to YourLegals; we are still working closely with a number of these start-ups. Read more about these organisations on the awarded start-ups page. 

Are you interested in sharing your ideas with us? Check out our Start-up Fund page on how to apply. Once we have received your application, we will invite you to complete our selection process. Selections for start-up funds by the Evaluation Committee are made on a quarterly basis.

For questions get in touch with either Frances Singleton ( or Nathalie Dijkman (