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On this page you can read about the concrete activities we deliver during the conceptualisation, delivery and evaluation of new projects. These are supported by activities from our education, research and entrepreneurship programmes. We work closely with the faculty; the resulting input is of great value to us for innovation.
Our activities
  • Partnership or collaboration building
    • Identifying and creating partnerships with strategic stakeholders like governmental or legislative bodies, commercial industries, technology providers, legal professionals and regulatory authorities.
    • Facilitating direct citizen engagement, by providing access through CSO, nonprofit and rechtswinkel partner networks.
    • Inclusion of relevant (inter-disciplinary) researchers or students in proposal development or delivery; both from UvA and other academic institutions.
    • Identification and evaluation of: technical development partners; legal designers; marketing and communication experts; artists, graphic designers and multimedia producers: as needed for project deliverables.
  • Developing and delivering concrete proposals
    • Facilitating problem definition through master, phd or post-doc research. 
    • Proposal drafting, in whole or in contribution to impact sections. 
    • Development of project delivery plans, including budgets, timelines, risk assessments, activity scoping, sprint planning and communication strategies.
    • Development of defined impact goals, matching measurement techniques and a monitoring and evaluation strategy. 
    • Operational and financial project management during project lifecycle.
    • Evaluation and reporting during and upon completion of project.

  • Design and testing of justice solutions
    • End-to-end management of a Human Centered Design approach to the development of digital or analogue solutions.
    • Space in our justice incubator to continue product development and launch a startup, social enterprise or nonprofit. 
    • Testing and validation of existing justice solutions or MVPs with relevant stakeholders; resulting in improvement suggestions as required. 
  • Marketing & dissemination strategies
    • Development of unique marketing and communication strategies, drawing on our network of artists, filmmakers, storytellers, designers, developers and more. 
    • Co-design and management of project related events at the Law Hub, Faculty or external locations. 
    • Indirect access to Law Hub and Law Faculty dissemination channels and communities for project communication. 
Our 3 programs
  • Education

    Academic or skill-building programmes delivered within the Law Faculty for students, researchers and to external professionals.

    • Our award winning Justice Entrepreneurship masters elective (also available in  short-form to PPLE students) is a yearly course which trains students to apply Legal Design methodologies towards the development of real justice solutions. 
    • Professional Education in the form of masterclasses; most recently ‘De Responsieve Overheidsjurist'; developed and delivered with research group ACLPA. 
    • Clinical education programmes in topics like Climate Justice, Human Rights and Law & Policy as part of the Amsterdam Law Practice.
    • Bespoke courses, trainings, tools and knowledge sharing platforms for rechtswinkel students to support professional development, judicial problem solving and improved service delivery; offered at a national level following our establishment of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Rechtswinkels (Dutch Association of Legal Aid Clinics).
    • Pilot with psychology students to improve women's legal clinic services.
  • Research

    Proprietary knowledge building through our own research, or by supporting faculty academics in their own research activities.

    • In-house research on informal, first and second-line legal help including rechtswinkels and legal aid lawyers covering best practices, interdiscip;inary approaches and career trajectories. 
    • Development and delivery of SkillShare Law; a skill-building programme for researchers which combines intervision, exercises and practical advice. 
    • Personal grant advisory on research design and knowledge utilisation to all Law Faculty researchers. 
    • Co-design and hosting of events including research symposia. 
  • Enterpreneurship

    Increasing student engagement with legal innovation and developing services to support the wider entrepreneurial community.

    • Offering for 8 justice startups a year of free incubation and trainings; additionally offering investment of €2.500 to 4 through our Startup Fund. 
    • A series of half day ideation workshops to inspire students at other educational institutions to develop concepts for defined justice problems. 
    • Legal Aid Clinic and Law and Policy Clinic where students within these subjects are given tools to reflect on what it means to hold different professional roles in today's demanding society.
    • Development of a new 'rechtswinkel' for entrepreneurs; the Startup & Stichting rechtswinkel; delivered in combination with a yearly floating legal advice clinic: The Incuboater.