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Justice Challenge start-ups

Clarity Now

Clarity Now is founded by student Emma Morgan, who came up with the idea during one of her classes by Nienke Doornbos. With this start-up she wants to build better tools for asylum seekers for a more just first interview at the IND (the Dutch Immigration Service).

Finc. for Migrants

Finc. for Migrants is founded by Ous Haidar and Tesseltje de Lange. Their start-up Finc. for Migrants will provide an all-in service for refugees who want to start a company in the Netherlands.

Adab Finance 

Adab Finance consists of students Olaf Stolk and Jorrit Jans. Adab Finance wants to collect and offer the ethical services of banks. These services will be based on the principles of Islamic Finance, which they encountered during a study trip to Malaysia.