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Law Hub Challenge Procedure

Start-up Incubator

During the Law Hub Challenge you will work on a product or service to make societal impact. Read about the procedure and criteria below.

During the Law Hub Challenge you can submit an idea that will make an impact on society. Here you will read more about the process and the criteria. We have certain themes for which new solutions are needed. You can submit an idea within these themes. For every theme a winner can be chosen who will win  a prize of 2500 euro.

Opening new Law Hub Challenge and deadlines

You can see the timeline underneath to see the dates for the Challenge and the following incubator program! The new Challenge has opened on the 9th of September! The deadline to submit your idea is 25 October 2019.

Law Hub Challenge 2019

Sign-up Criteria

  1. You have an idea that could potentially solve one of the Law Hub Challenge themes (see the categories below) You can also sign up with a current product or service that fits the criteria of the Law Hub Challenge.
  2. You are (or were) a student at the UvA or VU or University of Applied Sciences or you work there. You don’t need a connection with the law school to sign up. Alumni can sign up no matter when they graduated. Teams with non-UvA members are welcome to sign up as long as one of the founding members is a UvA student, alumnus or staff member.
  3. Teams of at least two members are eligible to sign up. If you sign up on your own, you will need to demonstrate that you can assemble a team by the time the first workshop takes place.
  4. You are available for at least 8 hours per week for the next six months and you are eager to turn your idea, if successful, into a business or an NGO.

Selection Criteria

  1. Idea: How good is it? What is its potential? Does it fit in with the Law Hub Challenge?
  2. Vision: Have you figured out how to develop the idea into a product or service, and what kind of impact it will make?
  3. Viability: Is the idea reasonably doable and will it be self-supporting in the future?
  4. Team: Do you have the right people on your team to get the project up and running? Or are you able to find team members?
  5. Commitment: Are you prepared to sink enough time (and effort) into the idea and do you think of it as part of your career trajectory?