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Criminal Justice Clinic

Amsterdam Law Clinics

In international, transnational and domestic legal practice a growing interest exists for lawyers with a deeper understanding of and experience in the functioning and the application of (international) criminal law. The clinic offers students the possibility to gain such experience and at the same time make contact with their future profession in a direct manner.

Lady Liberty

The co-operation between (inter)national justice organizations, including international criminal courts and tribunals, and NGOs on the one hand and students of international criminal law and Dutch criminal law on the other, provides an exceptional experience. As the Amsterdam Law School has specific expertise on (international) criminal law due to its Master's programme International Criminal Law and Dutch programme in Criminal Law, and due to its broad range of innovative research in those areas under the umbrella of the Amsterdam Center of Criminal Justice (ACCJ), it is perfectly situated to support clients on (international) criminal law related cases. 

Clients may include among others the Office of the Prosecutor of the UN International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, and defence and victims counsel operating in international and domestic criminal justice systems.

Teamwork and a hands-on approach

Top students in their final years of study at the Amsterdam Law School carry out research at the Criminal Justice Clinic. They are selected on the basis of superior academic performance and closely supervised by the faculty from the Master's International Criminal Law and the Dutch programme Criminal Law. They receive intensive, hands-on, guidance on how to conduct legal research, and how to write a legal opinion for external clients. Emphasis is placed on professionalism, high quality work, teamwork, and respect for confidentiality. 


Clinical work

Clinical work consists of projects undertaken for clients for which the students conduct legal research, provide legal advice and draft legal documents. The clinical work is conducted in a team of 3-5 students with regular meetings with supervisors (and clients). An international, cross-border and interdisciplinary perspective is characteristic of the clinical work.

Current projects

In September 2021 a new group of clinic students will start on a project for Dutch NGO Dutch&Detained. Dutch&Detained provides independent legal support to Dutch citizens detained abroad.

In addition, another group of studenst will work on a clinic project for Global Rights Compliance.


Contact us

For any questions regarding the Criminal Justice Clinic, please email us at or contact Göran Sluiter:

Prof. dr. mr. G.K. (Goran) Sluiter

Faculty of Law

Criminal Law

Requirements and eligibility

The Criminal Justice Clinic is in principle open for all Master's students of the Amsterdam Law School.

Other requirements are:

  • You are available at least 10 hours per week in a semester.
  • You have a strong work ethic, excellent communication and English-writing skills, and a genuine interest in (international) criminal law.

Contact former clinic students

If you're interested in more hands-on information about participating in a clinic and experiences from former Criminal Justice Clinic students, you can contact any of the following former students. Send an e-mail to and we will provide you with the relevant contact information.

Former Criminal Justice Clinic students, academic year 2020-2021

Silvia Ottinetti
Rebecca Bakos Blumenthal
Stella Pizzato
Ari Bilotta
Jadé Botha
Zenzi Ophof
Leila Katšajeva