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Within the Market Impact programme, we support entrepreneurial students and researchers to market and finance innovative ideas. In doing so, we invest in four startups every year, with a total cohort of eight startups or NGOs per year. As these companies are set up by young entrepreneurs, they still have a lot to learn. On the one hand, this means that their ideas still need to be "pivoted" with regularity, but at the same time they are super-ambitious, open-minded and enthusiastic to work with!

Are your hands secretly starting to itch too, but are you getting slightly cold feet? Have no fear: you do not have to save the earth with your idea. What is important to us is that it tackles a legal or social problem. To get an idea of this, we introduce a number of startups that have gone before you. See below who we are currently actively supporting, and who we have mentored before.

Our startups
  • RestartUp

    An interactive toolkit to support entrepreneurs with financial challenges and prevent bankruptcy

    For entrepreneurs, it proves difficult to understand what options are available when their business faces financial difficulties. It does not always have to end in bankruptcy; yet this sometimes seems to be the only solution. Unfortunately, our law is confusing and there is little support to help entrepreneurs with this. RestartUp hopes to change this. This startup is a collaboration between the Amsterdam Law Hub, Startup Amsterdam, UvA and Gemeente Amsterdam with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs to make better financial decisions in difficult times. They do this by identifying what stage entrepreneurs are at in the insolvency process and what their legal options are. Based on this, tailor-made advice is offered. RestartUp's platform is free, available to all and can be used anonymously.

    Get in touch

    Want to collaborate with RestartUp or become part of the team? Connect with founders  Sofija Pantic or Siske van Keimpema on LinkedIn or get in touch by mail.

  • Alia

    Character analysis & training to improve organisations' reputation

    Alia aims to make organisations aware of the public interest and help them move away from selfish behaviour. According to Alia, the character of an organisation is closely linked to its reputation, which is why they stress the importance of raising awareness on this matter. To achieve this, they offer character analysis and training to strengthen organisations' reputation. The emphasis here is on teaching compassion and altruism as core personality traits. They believe that this perspective on organisational development is essential to prevent organisations from becoming morally bankrupt.

    Where is Alia now?

    Currently, Alia is studying the methodology for analysis and training. In this way, they hope to find the right leads in organisations they support. For instance, they determine which perspective predominates, be it political- or mission-driven, and whether the organisation is still searching. This helps them deliver appropriate advice. Alia aims to have at least three clients in one year; combined with sponsors to fund the research and development department.

    This is what Alia needs

    Connections! Currently, Alia is looking for new connections within municipalities, central governments, public organisations or companies that want to explore what corporate social responsibility means to them. They are also keen to work with a party that can support them in social media strategy.

    Get in touch

    Collaborate with Alia or become part of the team? Connect with founder Caner Sucuoglu via LinkedIn, or reach out via mail!

  • Little Law Student

    Visualisations for law education

    The Little Law Student focuses on making legal education more interactive and helps students memorise study material through visualisation. Examples include explaining case law through cartoons, creating flashcards of legal topics, adding QR codes to test knowledge and recording podcasts to study on the go. Making studying more accessible, engaging and interactive for everyone in the legal field.

    Get in touch

    Collaborate with Little Law Student or become part of the team? Connect with founder Claudia Elisabeth Ghannam via LinkedIn or reach out via mail!

Startups we have previously supported
  • Legal Crowd
  • Vrijmibo for Ukraine
    Networking event for Ukrainian refugees

    Vrijmibo for Ukraine brings together Ukrainian refugees, NGOs and municipalities from the Amsterdam area. This enables contact to be made in an approachable way, and valuable collaborations to emerge.

  • Eternal Contract
    NFT to file contracts

    Eternal Contract, founded by Jan Swoboda, is an NFT powered tool to save documents eternally in a blockchain. Currently in the market testing phase, this tool is designed to reduce the fall-out post data hack by retaining full access to documents. 

  • DamsCo
    Contracts tool

    Damsco, founded by Olele Akhile and Daniel Ten Tusscher, is a legal advocacy and contracting service designed to support creatives. The goal is to provide understandable contracts at a low price-point to support the underserved community of freelancers. They are currently completing their user research phase and are happy to talk to any creatives who wish to take part in their pilot.

  • Rentor
    Communication tool for housing associations and tenants

    Rentor redesigns lease contracts between housing associations and tenants to reduce communication problems and thereby increase trust between the two parties. Rentor saves housing associations time and empowers tenants.

  • Ius Lexis
    Judiciary platform

    A platform for sharing weekly case law updates between firms to save time and benefit from specialised research.

  • Sappho
    Online harassment help platform

    A platform to help social media users build a dossier of evidence of online harassment to present to their local police force

Want to get (financially) involved in one of our startups?

Are you working at an organisation, which sees links with one of our startups? Then contact us via the button below so we can look at the possibilities together!