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Market Impact

Within our Market Impact programme we support entrepreneurial students and researchers of the Amsterdam Law School in developing, testing and bringing justice solutions to market.

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An incubator for innovative ideas

We believe that entrepreneurship plays an important role in fostering change within the legal industry. The legal tech market in the Netherlands is still small and there are few places where people or companies with innovative concepts can meet and collaborate. It is this gap that the Law Hub hopes to fill. The Law Hub is an incubator where new lawyers, students and researchers can bring solutions for legal problems to light. Innovative business ideas that contribute to this can expect both financial support and guidance from us. Read below to find out exactly what researchers and students can expect from us.

Start-up Fund

We offer a loan or investment of 2,500 EUR for viable ideas for legal solutions.

Start-up Clinics

In the last two years we've observed that NGOs in their start-up phase are often not aware of the criteria and needs to start an NGO. Because of this, these NGOs come back with multiple requests at different stages. These requests could have been handled at once if the NGOs had more guidance from the start. To provide this guidance, we have developed a new project: Project Foundation Start-up Clinics. In cooperation with one of our partners, Pro Bono Connect, 16 Zuidas law firms and Uber, we will organize monthly (themed) NGO start-up clinics. Through these clinics we aim to more efficiently match the organizational (start-up) requests to our affiliated law firms and other actors: academics, students and legal counsels.   

Monthly start-up law clinics  

Every clinic will with the legal basics of setting up an NGO or start-up in the Netherlands. After that, a seminar will be provided on one or two legal themes (the themes will be announced through the agenda soon). After the seminar, there is room for Questions & Answers and we end the day with a lunch.   

How to sign up

Starting in October 2021 until June 2022, the clinics will take place once a month on a Thursday morning from 9h00-13h00 at the Amsterdam Law Hub. Interested attending? Sign up now! We will then look for a suitable date that fits the theme.

Market Launch Programme

Within this programme, custom-made coaching over the course of a year is offered to teams that have specific plans to launch a product or service for legal or justice solutions. The programme is designed to work with start-ups or non-profit solutions to identify their challenges. On the basis of a design thinking methodology, these challenges are then translated into an incubation plan, in which the start-ups work one on one with the Hub.

Support and mentorship is offered on the basis of nine major modules:

  • Product

  • Market Fit

  • Business plan & Operations

  • Funding

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Impact & Success metrics

  • Scaling

  • Civic Innovation

For each of these modules, the Hub has developed a network of mentors, and in-house expertise to guide entrepreneurs along the incubation process. 

Applications to join the programme can be made directly to the programme director, Frances Singleton: