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Guidelines for your application

On this page you'll be reading the guidelines for preparing your plan. Please note the following information:

The problem

  • How well have you understood the legal or justice problem you are trying to solve?
  • Is this a real problem that urgently needs a solution?
  • Have you defined the problem well and have you done sufficient research to identify exactly who is suffering from this problem?

The solution

  • How well suited is the solution you have designed or built to the problem you are seeking to solve?
  • Will it be viable to build a product given the people involved in your team?
  • How does it (plan to) use technology?
  • Have you performed user research already with your prototype and how human-centered is your design?

The business model

  • How will you make your organisation or business financially self-sustaining?
  • Is your business model realistic and have you performed sufficient market analysis to determine its viability? Do you have competition and what is your unique selling point?

The to-market strategy

  • How do you intend to market and/or sell the product?
  • What barriers will you need to overcome in order to make your product attractive to users?
  • Over what timeframe are you seeking to bring the product to market?
  • How will the Law Hub be able to help you with this? 

The team

  • Who are you and do you have the right skills and motivation to build this business or organisation?
  • Do you have time dedicated to work on your product?
  • Who else is on your team and how will you accomplish this together? 

It is important to note that even if your idea does not excel in every category, you may still be eligible for funding, along with mentorship from the Law Hub through our Market Launch program. We offer advice and guidance for innovators alongside the funding to ensure your start-up has every possible chance of success.