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Awarded start-ups

Among others, these start-ups were funded by the Law Hub already.

Adab Finance 

Founders of Adab Finance, Olaf Stolk and Jorrit Jans, were inspired by the world of Islamic Finance. This banking system, which is particularly large in Asia, offers a safe and sustainable alternative to conventional finance. Islamic financing options are currently prevalent in other European countries such as the UK and Germany, although no such option exists in the Netherlands. Adab Finance began by enabling private parties to loan money in accordance with Dutch and Islamic financing rules. Since then they have expanded to work with larger institutions through automated contracting. They are currently working towards the goal of offering halal mortgages as a result of significant interest generated through the website.


YourLegals Labor Law is an online platform offering immigration and employment advice and documentation. They have specialist desks targeted towards Japanese and American expats who either live in, or want to move to, The Netherlands. Together with the team of experienced employment lawyers YourLegals provides the solution for every problem in employment law, through advice, mediation or litigation. The starting point of YourLegals is that prevention is always cheaper and faster than a solution. They therefore attach great importance to establishing the rights and obligations of the employee and the employer at the earliest possible stage. By using innovative technological solutions they can do this faster, cheaper and more efficiently than traditional legal aid providers.

Clarity Now

Student Emma Morgan is the founder of Clarity Now, an app which looks to improve the outcomes of a first asylum interview at the IND. She came up with this innovative idea through one of the lectures of her teacher Nienke Doornbos. Through the app, asylum seekers can both record their interview and be better informed about their rights in their own language. This not only makes the interview fairer; asylum seekers are also able to build a more complete case file, with clear recorded evidence of the interview process. Currently, their rights during the process are irregularly or unclearly explained and in many cases their phones are even taken away from them beforehand.


PAItent applications are an essential way of protecting valuable IP. The application process involves considerable searching, comparisons and checks to ensure your idea is sufficiently distinguished and unique. Founder of PAItent, May Lee, realised that much of this process could be sped up using AI. Her start-up uses machine learning to identify similar patents, and establish the strength of your application.