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Impact Education

Within our Impact Education programme we focus on improving and changing the legal sector through education.

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Lawyers of the future

To stimulate change in the legal sector, we offer entrepreneurship and innovation courses for students within the Master's programme of the Amsterdam Law School. Professionals working in the legal or judicial sector can also come to us for Masterclasses in the field of innovation (legal design methodology) and technology. With these programmes we train the legal innovators of the future by working with talent of the faculty.

Below you can read more about the educational courses and Masterclasses we offer.

Justice Entrepreneurship

A 6 ECTS Master's course that specifically focuses on entrepreneurship and design thinking within the legal sector. Students design, test and build their own justice innovations during the length of the programme. We support students who follow the course also to participate in the Market Impact Programme. Following a positive evaluation of our first course, we will be giving our Justice Entrepreneurship elective twice a year. 

Facts about the course

  • 89% wants to continue entrepreneurship/developing a solution after the course. This shows the course definitely builds confidence of students to become an entrepreneur. 

  • 44% will continue to develop the same solution as started during the course.

  • 100% wants to stay in touch after the course with the group through LinkedIn or via email.

The most interesting is that we learn and think from a different perspective about laws than we used to in law schools. I learned how to build up an idea and learned a lot of practical skills.
It's a special experience for me to further open my mind, since I tend to concentrate on reasonability and feasibility of my ideas, and seldom have had such an opportunity to imagine as far as possible.
It was the nicest and final course I had in University, so it was a great way to end my masters.

Masterclasses for professionals

Our first two-day master classes have been developed in cooperation with innovation experts at the Amsterdam Law School and are specifically aimed at legal professionals and the judiciary. They will start in the summer of 2021 - more information will follow soon.

Amsterdam Law Practice

We work closely with the Amsterdam Law Practice (ALP), part of the Master's programme at the Amsterdam Law School. Among other things, ALP offers clinics in which students can work on real human rights cases. The course, Legal Tech Lab, also develops new legal tech products for companies in the Netherlands. Students who participate in these courses can work together with our tenants in the co-working space of the Law Hub.