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Justice Entrepreneurship

Innovation for a Better World?

The new elective course that will help you design and build your own justice or legal solution. By applying design thinking methodology to the justice sector, you will dive into the real problems and needs of citizens and other actors in society that require an innovative solution. And by doing so you will develop your entrepreneurial skills. In particular, as we are going through the design phases of empathizing with those who face justice or legal problems, (re)defining the problem statement, and ideating brainstormed solutions, you will be prototyping a brand-new legal- or justice service.

Teaching Method

Students work in teams on their own solutions but have individual responsibilities and assessments. This is an intensive course that requires weekly readings and bi-weekly meetings. At the start of every week, a guest lecturer in the field of legal innovation, design or entrepreneurship will highlight publications and research relevant in this professional field. In the second half of the week we will work together in practicums to research, design and develop a new solution. 

Requirements for Participation

All students enrolled in Master’s programmes at the Amsterdam Law School are in principle eligible for participation in the Justice Entrepreneurship course. Students are, however, themselves responsible to check whether the credits obtained will count towards their particular degree. Students enrolled at other faculties are very welcome as long as they have received approval from their programme coordinator. 


The course starts on the 29th of March until the 28th of May. Students following the course can also participate in the Market Impact Programma.



Questions about the course? Please contact Nathalie Dijkman (Coördinator Justice Entrepreneurship) via:

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