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Amsterdam Law Practice

The experiential education of the Amsterdam Law School allows you to step into the shoes of a legal practitioner. You will sharpen your skills and knowledge and possibly discover who you want to be as a lawyer.

The Amsterdam Law Practice consists of:

Amsterdam Law Clinics

At the Amsterdam Law Clinics, you will find yourself collaborating on real cases for NGOs or for clients with limited means, while dealing with legal issues that affect the public interest.

Law labs

In a law lab, you will collaborate on problem solving and innovation with faculty members and experts drawn from social institutions and businesses.


In a simulation, you assume the role of a legal professional and learn while making legal arguments and debating from the viewpoint of that role.

Moot Courts

Moot courts mainly involve pleadings and debate. Your writing and verbal skills will be put to the test. Moot courts are often the venue of choice for (inter)national competitions.


Personal supervision is always provided during our internships. While getting your bearings for the future after law school, you also learn to reflect on your role as a legal professional. Supervision takes place ...

Legal Advice Centers (rechtswinkels)

At legal advice centers, students provide support to persons seeking justice. Each of the legal advice centers is specialised in a particular field such as tax law or criminal law, among other disciplines.
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