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Amsterdam Law Clinic

Working with real clients with real problems allows law students to begin the lifelong process of becoming thoughtful, responsible and reflective lawyers.

Work on actual public interest cases

Since the launch of the Amsterdam Law Clinic in September 2018, students have been at work preparing legal advice and doing legal research for lawyers, NGOs, (local) government and other clients. The Amsterdam Law Clinic offers students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on legal experience while increasing their knowledge of the law and sharpening their legal skills.

The cases cover a wide range of legal areas but are all selected based on the fact that they serve the public interest. By taking part in the Clinic, you will be making a contribution to the application, development and innovation of the law, as well as to promoting a more just society.

Pro Bono

The Amsterdam Law Clinic works for its clients on a pro bono basis, for instance by assisting lawyers or organisations with complex legal queries that require specific expertise or knowledge of multiple areas of the law. It also serves clients who cannot afford normal legal aid.

Teaching method and supervision

In the Amsterdam Law clinic, students work in small groups on an assigned case for a single semester. Depending on the issue they are presented with, students may for instance be asked to write legal memos, pleadings or research reports, all under the intense supervision of lecturers at the Faculty. Concurrently, students take part in an interactive syllabus devoted to legal skills, public interest lawyering, and professional ethics.

Who is eligible?

Students enrolled in any of the Master’s programmes offered by the Faculty of Law can take part in the Amsterdam Law Clinic. Students are selected based on their (prior) academic achievements, motivation and match with the projects.

Students can apply at the start of each semester by sending an email to, attn. Ms Lara Talsma LL.M. (Manager Amsterdam Law Clinic). Send the following documents with your email:

  • A cover letter (1-page maximum) in which you clearly express your motivation to take part in the Clinic and why you are the ideal candidate. You may also state your preference for specific cases or areas of the law.
  • Your curriculum vitae (2-page maximum)
  • Your list of marks (to the extent available)

The Course Catalogue is your source of current course information, deadlines, and the cases currently being worked on:


For questions, or to present a case for consideration, please send an email to, attn. mw. mr. L.C. Talsma (Clinic Lecturer en Manager Amsterdam Law Clinic).