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About Us

Amsterdam Law Clinics

In September 2018, the Amsterdam Law School of the UvA launched the Amsterdam Law Clinics, which we have since expanded to several clinical programmes. The Amsterdam Law Clinics provide Master's students from all Amsterdam Law School Master's programmes with the unique opportunity to learn about and study the law in context.

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Who we are and what we do

Working closely in teams of students and with members of staff, students prepare legal documents and do legal research for, inter alia, law firms, NGOs, (local) government departments, and international governmental organizations. By working on real legal matters, students are able to increase their knowledge of and delve deeper into the law and its application in concrete situations. The Clinical programme of the Law Faculty gives students a unique opportunity to mould themselves into responsible and ethical legal practitioners. 

Students learn the law and its context by working on these cases, but also by following the Clinics’ teaching programme that is aimed at increasing knowledge of the societal context and legal ethics, as well as at developing the students’ legal and professional skills. Find out more about our teaching programme.

Working in the public interest

In the Clinics, students work on a wide variety of cases that have one aspect in common; they all serve the public interest. By participating in the Clinics, students contribute to the development and innovation of the law and a more just society. Topics may range from environmental issues and human rights protection, to responsible business conduct and animal welfare. 

Currently, the Amsterdam Law Clinics entail the following five thematic clinical programmes. Follow these links to learn more about the types of cases these clinics work on:

The Amsterdam Law Clinics are part of the Amsterdam Law Practice

We had to draft a legal analysis from scratch. It was the first time I had to take into account the wishes and opinion of clients.

– Suzanna Bazaz, Master Public International Law, ALC Spring 2019

Meet our staff

The Amsterdam Law Clinics are taught and coordinated by our excellent staff members. On the page 'Meet our staff' you'll find an overview of the staff members.

Meet our staff


The Amsterdam Law Clinics are committed to diversity and inclusivity. We aim at creating an environment that fully includes hardworking and interested students who are committed to making a difference in their lawyerly endeavours. We are convinced that diversity is crucial in fostering a challenging intellectual environment where all perspectives are invited to contribute to a deeper understanding of the role of law in society. 

Contact us

For any inquiries or comments related to any of the Clinics, please send your email to so we can ensure the right person will get in touch with you and your query is addressed efficiently.

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